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General Dentistry at SoCal Smiles!

There is are so many new and exciting ways to make your smile your best ever. Whether your teeth are misaligned, chipped, cracked, missing, or just discolored we will tailor our treatment suggestions towards YOUR desires. Come learn more about what today's dentistry can do for you!

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General Dentistry

Dentistry has advanced so rapidly in the last decade. At SoCal Smiles we realize that it is important to use modern cutting edge tools to make your visit comfortable and pain free. Here are some of the convenient services we offer. Crowns/Bridges Dental crowns don't have to appear dull, chalky, and have a dark line at the gumline. All porcelain crowns in combination with modern bonding adhesives, provide strong, durable, and beautiful teeth that rival natural teeth.

Notice the final translucency, gradation of color, and invisible borders. Believe it or not, the margins (borders) are not under the gum line. This allows for superb gum health. I'm sure you have seen those unsightly crowns with the "black-line" effect as seen in the illustration above to the left. Modern day advances in dentistry makes these front two crowned teeth look vibrant in color and natural in appearance.
Metal-free dentistry can rehabilitate all the teeth back to a natural form, dramatically decreasing the risks of tooth fracture, root canal treatments, gum infections, and tooth loss.
  Inlays/Onlays- these are white tooth colored porcelain inserts. These amazing porcelain inserts are preferred over crowns as they save more healthy natural tooth structure and involve less treatment time. At SoCal Smiles we utilize the most advanced digital technology called CEREC 3 to diamond mill inlays, onlays or crowns in 8 minutes(while you wait), so the entire procedure usually takes about an hour and you leave with your permanent restoration that same visit, WITH NO TEMPORARIES!! This means that there are NO IMPRESSIONS, NO TEMPORARIES, AND NO GETTING NUMB FOR A SECOND VISIT! The visual below gives a detailed summary of how the whole process works.
Patient desired to have mercury filled silver fillings replaced on the back four teeth due to decay, cracking, and leakage(decay in between, tooth and filling)
Prepared teeth are digitally scanned and designed on the computer using our state of the art computerized software called CEREC 3.
A porcelain block is placed in the diamond milling unit to be reshaped until it matches what your dentist designed on the computer.
An onsite diamond milling unit reshapes the porcelain block to give you the finished porcelain insert or crown.
Final restored teeth are ready to "perform and look like natural teeth."


Today dental implants can restore your natural look and feel by providing you with permanent teeth to last a lifetime. An implant can be placed in one day and one visit, and usually is less invasive then removing wisdom teeth.

Proper chewing function is restored so you can enjoy foods too difficult to eat with traditional replacements.
Implants make it possible to floss around your teeth.
Dental implants will not move or loosen.
Implants replicate the look, feel and function of your natural teeth.
No adhesives are required.
Dental implants have no clasps that cause damage to remaining natural teeth.
Painful, inflamed gums are eliminated.
Dental implants improve speech by eliminating or reducing the "fullness" of full or partial dentures.
Healthy teeth are not "cut down" in order to accommodate the replacements.
Of all the different types of implants placed in the body, DENTAL IMPLANTS are considered to be the most successful and predictable in their biointegration and acceptance in the body. Implants are clinically proven, with a success rate in excess of 90%.
Implant with abutment
Tooth placed on top of implant
and abutment