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There is are so many new and exciting ways to make your smile your best ever. Whether your teeth are misaligned, chipped, cracked, missing, or just discolored we will tailor our treatment suggestions towards YOUR desires. Come learn more about what today's dentistry can do for you!

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Dentistry in the 21st Century

New office in RSM uses modern technology combined with gentle and affordable services.

If you ask the general public what their favorite 100 places to visit are I can guarantee no one would mention their dentist’s office! In fact, it would probably rate near or at the bottom of their list.

Many of us have grown up with terrible memories of dental visits. Pain. That medicinal smell. The whizzzzing of a drill that sounds tortuous. The bright light in our face that makes us want to scream, “I confess,”although no one is interrogating us. The bland surroundings. The uncomfortable reception chairs. The cool demeanor of the staff as we enter.“Dead Man Walking”comes to mind.

Forget those memories! There’s a new dentist in town and his name is Dr. Rinesh Ganatra. He’s the new breed of dentist who believes that going to the dentist should not be a traumatic experience. He is introducing a whole new level of care with gentle, innovative and affordable services in a friendly environment.

When I speak with Angie Villanueva, the office manager, to arrange this interview, I am pleasantly surprised that she answers with a smile in her tone. She wasn’t expecting my call so I’m assuming she answers the phone this way every time.

Entering their office one feels as though they are walking into a beautiful hotel lobby. Walls are cool green, bright orange and warm sand. The reception desk is curved with brushed metal. A wall boasts a recessed vase of flowers. The comfortable couch beckons me with large pillows covered by a beautiful print. I step back through the door to check the suite number because this couldn’t be a dentist’s office, could it? “Whoever decorated did a beautiful job,” I say.

Dr. Ganatra enters smiling, “Let’s say it was a collaborative effort.”

He guides me through the offices and explains that everything was designed to make patients feel comfortable. The rooms are open with window views, and the interior boasts shapely walls with vibrant and happy colors. Tools are neatly hidden away behind the chairs. Patients wear Gucci glasses to protect their eyes from glaring lights.

This welcome feeling is enhanced by the apparent technology. There are no big bulky cabinets filled with patient charts. Instead, computers with flat screen monitors provide a high tech approach to maintaining accurate patient records. Nothing is lost and everything can be looked up within seconds. Before I question Dr. Ganatra about this technology, I ask,“Why did you design your office this way?”

Dr. Ganatra replies, “I was born and raised in Southern California and feel that we are very blessed to live in such a wonderful place. After I graduated from the University of Maryland Dental School (the first dental school in the world), I moved back because my family and friends are here.

I worked at five different practices and found the environments intimidating to patients. Many sold services patients didn’t need. Their staff didn’t seem to care about making patients comfortable. I had a vision of a different kind of dental practice that was friendly, comfortable, and put the patients’ needs first by providing high quality dental care.”

He was determined to make his vision into a unique concept. So he created SoCal Smiles Dentistry, and looking around, it’s apparent he has succeeded! But Dr. Ganatra didn’t stop there. Recent advances in technology didn’t go unnoticed as he has invested in state-ofthe- art technology; making his office completely paperless to enhance efficiency. The x-rays are digital and viewed on flat screen monitors in front of patient chairs as Dr. Ganatra explains their recommended dental treatment.

The technology that amazes me is software and hardware that allows crowns and inlays to be made in one hour and cemented the same day. A digital camera takes a unique picture of the tooth, then the 3D software shows the crown from every angle imaginable, even inside. The software flips and rotates the crown on the monitor as Dr. Ganatra sculpts away at it on the computer like a digital artist. No more awkward impressions, temporary crowns and subsequent visits. No more worries about eating and losing the temporary. One hour, same day, using a high-speed diamond milling process that creates the crown from a solid porcelain block. It’s called “CEREC 3” and costs about the same; however, the time saved is what makes this treatment so appealing.

One of their most popular procedures is ZOOM teeth whitening. This one-hour treatment gives patients the bright, white smile they’ve always dreamed about.

SoCal Smiles Dentistry offers a full range of treatments: periodontics, orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, root canals, oral surgery and pedodontics. Each treatment is delivered with the same high level of customer service by Angie, Mary (the dentist assistant), and, of course, Dr. Ganatra. “I love my job! As a healthcare professional, I get to meet new people every day and, because I place a high value on my personal life (he’s single and 29), being a dentist allows me to balance my professional and personal life,”he reflects.

As the first point of contact, Angie projects a positive feeling that is supported by Mary once the patient arrives. Irene Reynolds, Trabuco Canyon resident, verifies these facts. “Angie is very kind and works extensively with our insurance company so my husband and I know exactly how much treatments will cost. The Doctor spends considerable time explaining our dental needs. His dental expertise is impressive and his chair side manner always makes us feel comfortable. Plus the Saturday hours are great because we don’t have to miss work!”

The fear of the dentist isn’t the only fear people have about seeking treatment. The other fear is the cost, but Dr. Ganatra provides solutions. He offers a variety of financing to make treatment affordable (there’s even a 0% interest, one year plan!).

The 21st century has ushered in many new advances – gentle dentistry being one of them. Now there’s no reason to put off going to the dentist and maintaining good oral health. SoCal Smiles Dentistry has everything to make your next dental visit pleasant, even kind of fun! (It’s cool to see your teeth on the monitor and wear those fashionable orange Gucci glasses.) Call Angie to make an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Ganatra at 949.766.0006. Their web site is www.SoCalSmiles.net and their office is at 22195 El Paseo, #220, Rancho Santa Margarita. tw