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5 Unique Things You Can Do This Year to Make Your Life Better for 2012

Happy 2012 from SoCal Smiles Dentistry!

It’s a brand new year, a time for us to start fresh and improve our lives. 2012 brings with it the rare opportunity for us to make resolutions and changes. Have you thought about your own goals and resolutions for this year? If not, let me help you with 5 simple suggestions that will surely make your life better this 2012.

1. Clean out the garbage.

Make the most out of this fresh start by cleaning out last year’s garbage. And by cleaning, we literally mean “cleaning”. You can start with cleaning your office table and drawers. After that, proceed to the inevitable- your closet. Sort out through your clothes and take out the things that no longer fit you and those that you don’t wear anymore. Give old stuff away or hold a garage sale and make some extra cash. Cleaning will not only give you more space for new things, it’s also a very therapeutic activity.

 2. Stop “working” out.

Take the “work” out of “working out”. Make exercise fun. This year, find a unique way to burn calories while enjoying yourself. Join a dance class. Go swimming with your kids. Run daily with your dog. Buy a hula-hoop and shake your way to fitness. I’ve heard of people who’ve lost a lot of pounds by pole dancing. Whatever activity makes you excited, go for it!

3. Say YES.

This year make it a point to say “Yes” more often. Say yes to friends inviting you over for a party. Say yes to join a marathon. Agree to hosting an event. If your boss asks you to take on new responsibilities at work, accept it gladly. Who knows, it could lead to a promotion soon. Saying yes to more things will open new doors for you this 2012. New experiences, new acquaintances, new hobbies, all of these will enrich you and your life.

4. Become an expert.

2012 should become the year you become an expert. At what area you may ask? Anything you can think of! Reflect about the things you enjoy doing and focus on them this year. Have you always enjoyed designing clothes? Are you good at blogging? If you can’t think of anything yet, here’s a better idea, find a new activity or hobby and become an expert at that. You can attend a class or watch online tutorials of anything under the sun. Improving your current skills set can make you a more valuable employee, a more attractive partner, or better yet, a more interesting person!

5. Fight the urge to go online.

The internet is a great resource for knowledge, but unfortunately, it’s also an addictive place to dawdle and waste time. Take a look at how many hours you spend online in a day, and find out how much of that time is actually spent on work and productive things. This year, you should fight the urge to enhance your online profile, and actually go live your life in the real world. You’ll find that people are much more interesting in person than in Facebook and Twitter.

These are just some of the unique things you can do to improve your life in 2012. You can add a few more items to this list and make it your own. What’s important is that you have things to look forward to, and resolutions that you’ll stick to. Happy new year, everyone!   

Posted by: SoCal Smiles Dentistry
Posted on: January 5th, 2012

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