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Five reasons why our dental office ROCKS!

Have you ever been to a dental office and it smells like chemicals and and sterilization solution?? Well when you come to SoCal Smiles Dentistry the first thing you will FEEL is that it doesn’ t even look like a normal dental office.  First of all it smells like vanilla or even a fresh warm soothing inviting scent! Here are 5 Reasons why our office is simply the BEST DENTAL OFFICE OUT THERE.

  1. We have the BEST TEAM that is COMMITTED TO TAKING CARE OF YOU from the minute you call to the time you leave the office.
  2. Whenever you come in you see the same dentist and not somebody you haven’t even met!
  3. We always have the best promotions on quality dental services.
  4. Our office is CLEAN, state of the art, and NOT intimidating to be in. We also have online appointments and no interest payment plans.
  5. One Visit Dentistry. We use a special digital impression technique so you we can give you your porcelain insert or crown the SAME DAY!
Posted by: SoCal Smiles Dentistry
Posted on: April 27th, 2010

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